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Alden   E-mail: Silicon Valley, Californi   2020-01-23 06:11
This site is an amazing resource. The amount of information and detail surpases even Canon and Nikons company history websites. The only thing I have not found is, where did all of the colored Smena 8M's from? The site says the green, blue, red, and yellow ones are fake but, what does that mean? Are they made somewhere else or are they just colorful stickers? Thanks AJ

Christopher A. Junker   E-mail: Meadville   2020-01-04 20:44
Best site for "No Name"Kiev research. My "no name" Kiev #6306353 lacks the MADE IN USSR OCCUPIED GERMANY hand engraving. Depending on the starting serial number more than 5000 may have been produced.

Gilles Collas   E-mail: Paris   2020-01-01 18:54
Merci infiniment pour ce fantastique travail. Ce site est une mine d'or pour les passionnés de matériel photo soviétique comme moi.

LeendertCordemans   E-mail: Capelle aan den IJssel   2019-12-24 12:33
Great compliments about this site. a lot of info.. I'm very impressed. Well done.

pkrpkr        2019-12-09 17:12
Compliments for great work! I use your website a lot for identifying these great and undervalued pieces of mechanical achievement.

EST        2019-11-05 12:58
Thanks for all the info! Turns out I have quite an old and rare Zenit-1 with an Industar-22 50mm F3.5

Desmond W    Lilongwe   2019-10-12 12:23
Many thanks for all the work that you have put into this site. A fascinating record with loads of details. I have seen many cameras I have had and used since I was a child: Fed and Fed 50, the Smena/Cosmic Symbol, the Lubitel 166b, and I am currently shooting some b&w on an Agat18. Spasiba!

CHRISTINE SWEETMAN   E-mail: MOONTA   2019-10-11 10:05
I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful information you provide on your site. I don't know where I would be without the references to the Soviet Cameras. My late father was a serious collector of vintage cameras, I purchased the collection not knowing a thing about cameras. Your information has provided me with the information to identify all the Russian cameras to date, I have been working on them for two years and still going. Again thank you so much. Chris

Bernd Ratfisch   E-mail: Bremen, Germany   2019-08-23 17:55
What a wonderful homepage! A great camera history. I was looking for my first SLR, which a bought after making a job during the summer holidays in 1969. It was a Revueflex from Zenit. I loved it. The german Enna factory from Munich offered some lenses, like the 1:4,5/240mm for this very special M39 screw mount. All was stolen in 1976...

Will Rinehart   E-mail: College Station, TX   2019-08-02 22:38
Thank you for such a great site! I have a PT4750 Industar 61 with a s/n of 8666636.I got it on ebay from a seller in the ukraine. quite an odd sequence on the s/n.

Peter Brown   E-mail: Lebanon, OH USA Home page: 2019-03-31 14:38
What a fantastic reference. It has allowed me to date my FED's. I was surprised to find that one dated to the time period of 1939-1941. Great work.

Jansin   E-mail: St Davids, Ontario, Canad   2019-02-02 21:03
Enjoyed your website, found some interesting information on the cameras I own.

David Westfall   E-mail: Sturgis, SD   2018-12-27 00:23
Hi. I used the Cambron TTL in the Navy. My daughter used one also when she was in the Navy. She still has hers. I think it was $99 with two lenses and a case back in the day, from Cambridge I think. Enjoyed your site, thanks. David.

Oskar Wolinski   E-mail: Piaseczno   2018-10-25 18:03
An amazing website for all the collectors and a great source of information.

essebi-milano    milano   2018-03-03 20:19
very interesting website. I've found the references to my zorky 4 and 6 I've win by auction. soon I'll send their photo included the lenses photo too

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