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Lomo 130AL, -130A
2006. Sovietcams.
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The Zorki 3 cameras are among the hardest Russian Leica copies to find.  Zorki-3 and Zorki-3M cameras were the first to combine the rangefinder and viewfinder in one eyepiece. All Zorki-3 models (Zorki-3, Zorki-3M and Zorki-3C) have diopter adjustment for eyeglass wearers. They have a top shutter speed of 1/1000 sec. They have cast bodies and the entire back comes off to simplify loading [2].


Produced: 1951-1956
Name: „Зоркий-3“
Producer: KMZ
Frame size: 24x36.
Lens: Jupiter-8  2/50.
Shutter: 1-1/25s, 1/50s, 1/100s, 1/250s, 1/500s, 1/1000s + B.

Quantity: 87.569 units (both with Zorki-3M).

Thanks to Rimvydas Baranauskas for camera #549980 donation.














PM1203. Announced in early 1950 (!), Zorki-2 Prototype camera was the advanced predecessor of Zorki-3 camera. Fitted with collapsible ZK 2/50mm lens. Shutter speeds up to 1/1000s, slow speed dial on the frontplate. Only very few samples are known to survive until now. This prototype is related to regular Zorki-2 cameras only by the same name ... It's interesting to mention, that the particular prototype camera has no lock at the slow speed dial, though all earliest Zorki-3 cameras came with lock at slow speeds disk already.

Camera #00002 opposite from private collection in Europe.


PM1203 - Zorki-2 prototype camera #00002.



PM1205. Another prototype is almost identical to PM1203, but with few exceptions: different mouldings of the top plate, fitted with collapsible ZK Zorki 2/50mm lens, 4-digits serial number engraved on the top plate. Without lock at slow speeds disk again. Never happened to see this version alive.


PM1205 - Zorki-2 prototype camera #0007.



PM1210. The very first Zorki-3 cameras had no removable back for easy film loading yet. Though very similar to Zorki-2 Prototypes (see Zorki-2 prototype samples above), these cameras were visually different indeed. I'm looking for more information about preseries Zorki-3!

The picture of camera opposite was kindly provided by authors of the book "1200 cameras from USSR", 2009.


PM1210 - Zorki-3 prototype camera.






1st version 







PM1215. An earliest known productional version of Zorki-3 camera. "Zorki-3" engravings in Cyrillic characters. Viewfinder's window outlined by decorative rim with protuberance for screw in left lower corner. The big viewfinder up to the limit of the cover. Rangfinder outlined by wide decorative rim. The screw under the rangerfinder in the middle, not on the right. The four screws around the asscessory shoe are not visible. The lock at the slow speed dial. Serial number engraved on the rear top plate. Shutter speed head - Ø15mm. Strap lugs. "Arrow" sign on the top plate to indicate the fast shutter speeds. No balance foot on the tripod thread. Some cameras can be found with bigger size detachable slow speeds disk. An earliest so far known camera has #00012 (Molotok 2009). Camera opposite from Ilya Stolyar (USA) collection.


PM1215 - Zorki-3 #00031.



PM1225. Camera very similar to PM1215, with few visual exceptions: viewfinder's window becoming rectangular (see picture below). Decorative rim around the rangefinder now is more thin in comparison with PM1215. No balance foot on the tripod thread. An earliest so far known camera has #00316 (source: Guido Studer).



PM1225 - Zorki-3  #00539.



PM1230. Very interesting version of Zorki-3 camera was received from Mirfoto archives (my special thanks to Viktor Suglob!). Camera identical to PM1225, but with export markings already! Even more - the particular camera (see picture opposite) has no decorative rims on finder's windows! Visually no otherwise different.


PM1230 - Zorki-3 camera.



PM1235. Like on regular cameras, this version already has screw near the viewfinder, but window is still bigger size (19.5x13mm). Screw under rangefinder still centered. Camera #04142 has balance foot on the tripod thread already.  An earliest so far known camera has #01273 (A.Nikitin coll.). Camera opposite from E.Tutkus (Lithuania) coll.



PM1235 - Zorki-3  #02044.



PM1240. Camera identical to PM1235, but with big size slow speeds disk (type-2) added. An only so far known camera has s/n #03179 (Massimo Bertacchi coll.)

PM1245. Screw under the rangefinder is already on the right side. Window is still bigger size (19.5x13mm). 4 visible screws around the accessory shoe. An earliest so far known camera has s/n #04588 (Molotok 2009).


PM1245 - Zorki-3  #05934.



PM1250. Camera identical to PM1245, but with serial number, engraved on camera's bosy already (see picture below). An earliest so far known camera has s/n #05488 (Fotoua.com). No otherwise different.



PM1250 - Zorki-3  #05807









Experimental Zorki-3




PM1255. Never seen before version of experimental Zorki-3 camera, without slow speeds dial. Seems to be the prototype of Zorki-3M camera with only one shutter speeds selector and speeds sequence: 1s, 1/2s, 1/5s, 1/10s, 1/25s, 1/50s, 1/100s, 1/250s, 1/500s, 1/1000s + D + B (see picture below). 


Camera from Yuriy Davidenko collection.


PM1255 - Zorki-3  #545943.







2nd version







PM1260. The very first type of regular Zorki-3 cameras. Smaller viewfinder's  window (18x12mm) already. 4 screws around the accessory shoe, screw near viewfinder. Shutter speed head - Ø15mm. The particular type comes with 2 serial numbers - an old one on the rare plate and the new one (with date prefix) above the rear door. An earliest so far known camera has #545983 (04608)  (Товарищ Михельсон, Ukraine).  

PM1265. Camera identical to PM1260, but with single serial number above the rear door. "Arrow" sign on the top plate to indicate the fast shutter speeds. The particular type still has the lock on the slow speeds dial. An earliest so far known camera has #546350 (eBay 2008). 


PM1265 - Zorki-3  #547104.



PM1270. Camera identical to PM1265, but without lock on slow speeds dial already. Comes both with balance foot, or without one. Some cameras can be found with bigger size detachable slow speeds disk. An earliest so far known camera has s/n #547788 (DVD Technik).


PM1280. Starting from appr. #5418651 "arrow" on the top plate can be replaced by black "dot". Some cameras can be found with bigger size detachable slow speeds disk.


PM1270 - Zorki-3  #549980.



PM1290. Camera identical to PM1280, but with smaller Ø13.5mm shutter knob already. "Arrow" or black "dot" on the top plate.  Some cameras come with additional "Made in USSR" or "SDELANO B CCCP" engravings on the rear plate. Some cameras can be found with bigger size detachable slow speeds disk.An earliest so far known camera has #5449668 (private coll.).



PM1290 - Zorki-3  #5500008.




PM1295. Camera identical to PM1290, but serial number is embossed, not engraved as on regular cameras. Known cameras hve s/n #5505021 (SovietCams) and #5505050 (eBay 2008).



PM1295 - Zorki-3  #5505021.