Join Us on the Next Camerosity Podcast

We are back with a new year and a new episode of the Camerosity Podcast!  Thank you to our European friends who joined us last time to discuss Robot cameras, Purma Specials, and everyone’s least favorite cameras.  What will we talk about this time?  No one knows, because as always, the topics discussed on the Camerosity Podcast are decided entirely by you!

Join Anthony, Theo, Paul, and myself this Monday, January 10, 2022 at 7pm CST (UTC-6) when we will be recording Episode 17.  We look forward to seeing who we will be talking to!

In order to join us, you’ll need the ability to join into a Zoom call through either a desktop computer or a mobile device running the Zoom app. Having your video on is not a requirement as we won’t use it for the show, but it might be helpful if you want to show us something. Although you will be joining us live, the podcast is not streamed live. It will be edited and posted either Wednesday or Thursday of the same week it is recorded.

Each week, new episodes will be recorded every Monday night from 7pm to approximately 8pm Central Standard Time (UTC-6). This time slot is perfect for most of the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and most of Asia. Sadly, for those of you in Europe, unless you work the graveyard shift, it might be hard to join.

In order to join, you’ll need to click the following link or enter the following code into Zoom: 819 9252 2285

Join Zoom Meeting

As we can only handle a small amount of people at once, anyone trying to join will be placed into a waiting room and you will be let in when we can get to you.  Once you join in, say your name, where you’re from and you can ask your question or bring up whatever you wanted to talk about. If there are a lot of people in the waiting room, we might not be able to get to everyone, but we’ll do our best!


  1. ok I need to modify my last comment, for some super bizarre reason if you open this page on a phone you see the “Will be recorded Monday night” but if you open on your computer you see “Will be recorded from 9pm” with no mention of day, how bloody bizarre

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