Shutter Sounds of 18 Cameras

I found this video on Reddit this weekend and take no credit for it’s creation, but I thought it was worth sharing as it’s a really well done video of the various shutter sounds made by a variety of really cool cameras.

In addition to the aural GAS from each of these beauties, the video is recorded professionally, the editing is excellent, and the background piano music adds a sort of zen-like contrast to the often “machine gun” sounds the cameras make.

Put on a set of headphones, turn up the volume, and enjoy!

One Comment

  1. On YouTube, I often read posts such as: “the music is too loud/wrong for the subject/obtrusive.” For this video, all THREE criticisms apply. Can we hear a NON-MUSICAL version of this “symphonia Mechanica”? It is annoying that even the piano “is too loud” and parts of the avant garde soundtrack kill the “Zen-like atmosphere” of the video. I stopped viewing at 3:27 because it was Just Too Noisy. Oh well, I could always look up a video of floppy drives belting out some Pop tune.:(

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